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June 20, 2015
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Breeklen Red Traffic Film Remover 20Ltr

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Breeklen Red is a highly concentrated alkaline detergent solution formulated for the heavy soiled exteriors of trucks, buses, vans etc.  Can be used in all wash systems.




HIGH FOAM STABILITY – Breeklen Red Traffic Film Remover gives optimum foam production and excellent foam stability given long contact times to aid soil removal.

HIGH CLEANING POWER – Breeklen Red Traffic Film Remover contains a powerful blend of emulsifiers, surfactants, sequestrants and alkalis, which removes grease, dirt & traffic film.

SUITABLE IN HARD OR SOFT WATER – Breeklen Red Traffic Film Remover contains a sequestrant, which inhibits scale formulation and optimises detergency, even in very hard water areas.

VERSATILITY OF USE – Breeklen Red Traffic Film Remover can be used in all pressure washer or brush wash systems. It is also suitable for manual cleaning when desired.

LEAVES NO STREAKS OR SMEARS – Breeklen Red Traffic Film Remover rinses off exceptionally easily to leave a clean smear free finish on all surfaces – glass, metal or plastic.

BIODEGRADABILITY – Readily biodegradable.

SOLUBILITY – 100% soluble in water.

Download full specs: Breeklen Red

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