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Unil Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil Europa 10W 40 20ltr

55.00 Inc. VAT

Unil Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil Europa 10W 40  is suitable for the lubrication of four-stroke gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and vans.


  • Carefully selected base oils and additives assuring excellent lubrication
  • Perfect lubrication when starting in extreme cold or at high operating temperatures.

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Europa 10W40 is a engine oil designed for heavy-duty diesel engines. The high-quality mineral base oils and additives ensure rapid lubrication at cold start and a good performance at high temperatures. Europa 10W40 has a good thermal stability and oxidation resistance which is the guarantee for a reduced wear and longer lifetime of the engine and high performance parts such as turbochargers. This engine oil is perfectly suited to both trucks for highway transport as heavy diesel for field applications (public works, land forestry, extra heavy load …).


  • Can be used all year round
  • Suitable for a mixed fleet
  • Ideal for heavy duty diesel engines, but can also be use in gasoline engines


J&M Breen Distributors Ltd. are the Distributors for JLM in Ireland.

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